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Just had my first job interview .

Anonymous asked:
Because cigarettes and tobacco don't get you high, alcohol does. But I agree that they shouldn't be sold to underaged people tho

We supposdely follow the teachings of Quraan . In that case Cigarettes are harmful for our body . Thus they should be prohibited 

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I meant it as a question

I like a lot . I will give you the name of few artists and bands. 

  • Foo Fighters . 
  • Wax
  • Royal Blood 
  • Birds of Tokyo 
  • Coldplay 
  • Amy Winehouse 
  • Dumbfoundead
  • The White Stripes / Jack White
  • Metallica
  • Maverick Sabre
  • Joy Division  
  • Fort Minor 
  • Rise Against 
  • Rage Against The Machine 
  • Sam Smith 
  • You Me At Six
  • Five Fingers Death Punch 
  • La Dispute 
  • Four Year Strong 
  • Arctic Monkeys

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Why ?

Why cigarettes and tobacco are legal to be purchased in Saudi Arabia and it’s a lot of the times sold to boys younger than 18 ? Despite the fact that the rules forbids the sealing of cigarettes to anyone younger than 18 .
On the other hand alcohol is still illegal ? 
They both harm the body equally.
If we are following the rules of Islam why does not that apply to cigarettes ?


Killing In The Name" | Rage Against the Machine

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Don't be , i'm just a stranger 💗

Pretty please ? <3 
You know curiosity can kill :P . In my case it does haha.

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Your smile is just so perfect 💗

Aw thank you <3 . 
Please show your true identity anon, I am really curious .


Molfetta at night.